What is the Inter-UC Regents Scholars Conference?
The Inter-UC Regents Scholars Conference is a conference hosted annually by one of the universities in the UC system. It is planned and orchestrated by the Regents Scholars Association/Society at the hosting university for a weekend of networking with other Regents Scholars through fun—and occasionally educational—activities.

Is there a cost to attend?
There is a small fee, usually in the range of $30-$35 per person, to attend the conference. This money goes toward the conference T-shirt, food, room costs, and other necessary items. You may also need to spend money on transportation and parking.

How will I get to UC Santa Barbara?
Transportation, usually in the form of carpools, is usually set up by each university’s Regents Scholar’s Association/Society. Some even subsidize the cost of gas or other means of transportation for their students.

Where will I stay while I’m there?
We are able to provide housing for the weekend to those who need it through UCSB Regents Scholars hosts. Bringing your own pillow and sleeping bag/blanket is recommended!

What sort of events can I expect?
The Inter-UC Conference traditionally has faculty speakers, indoor and outdoor games, time to explore the campus and the surrounding city, and a nighttime celebration.

Can I attend even if my university does not have a Regents Scholars Association/Society?
Yes! This year, we are making an extra effort to get the word out to Regents Scholars at UCs which do not have an Association/Society. If you have any additional needs due to the fact you come from one of these schools, do not hesitate to contact us!